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The attraction of a wood-fired oven creates one of the most unique experiences of the culinary world today. A warm glowing flame and the scent of a wood fire enhances the mood of any gathering. The sweet aroma of wood smoke makes everyone feel relaxed, comfortable and hungry.

Although cooking with fire  has been used for thousands of years in all cultures, modern technology has brought this ancient form of cooking back to and into the spotlight. Recipes have been recreated to bring back that rustic charm. It requires a different mind set than cooking in a conventional oven. There is no thermostat to regulate or timer to let you know when your meal is ready. Cooking with fire is an art. Our pizzaiolos can read the fire. Vincent and Greg can tell when the temperatures reach 800-900º. The food is cooked right next to the fire on the floor of the chamber. The pizzaiolo must monitor and rotate the pizza to get the very best flavor and consistent browning. A pizza typically takes about 90 seconds to cook. This quick cooking allows us to take your order and prepare it as you watch and wait. You can see your pizza and watch the toppings blister as your mouth waters.

The exact origin of the pizza is unknown. There are stories that it originated in several cultures but the most famous was the origin in Naples, Italy in the 1700's. Poorer communities in Italy began to put tomatoes on their flatbread to enhance the flavor and began to add toppings to their bread - whatever they could find. The name of the "Margherita" pizza was named for Queen Margherita. Her chef created the red, white and green colors using tomato sauce, mozzarella and whole basil leaves to represent the colors of the Italian flag.