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​AT 900º

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Tuscan Sun Pizza Co. can be hired for special events such as backyard parties and events in the park. Our oven is mobile and anywhere you can drive a car we can park the trailer and within an hour or so start cooking the pizzas. 

Thinking of a family reunion, a milestone birthday or anniversary party? We can make it special with our rustic wood fired pizza right at your event! A minimum fee will apply for smaller occasions.

Your guests will be drawn to the warmth and aroma of the wood fire. They will be entertained by the pizzaiolos as they hand  shape the dough, dress it with your favorite toppings and watch in amazement as the wood fire does its magic baking it to a golden brown with bubbling cheese in about 90 seconds at 900º.

What a memorable way to celebrate that special day! Nobody doesn't like pizza!

Call for catering details. (916) 956-5004 and ask for Vincent. Leave a message if I am not able to pick up. Cheers and Pizza!​